Sanki Global is a company embodying what other companies haven’t… The mission to create health and wellness amongst a community of individuals who all strive for the same goal, a healthier life. By finding the best people in the world, we have been able to curate something so different that our only mission is to spread the word around and create a healthier world one person at a time. Our mission is...

"To be a source of well-being dedicated to help you evolve without limits in order to achieve your life’s purpose."

The name of Sanki comes from the combination of the suffixes "San", which in Japanese means to honor and respect; and "Ki", ​​the vital energy. Therefore, Sanki means respect for vital energy At Sanki we believe that, if we are able to improve the quality of life of people, we are able to change their world. We approach a business model with innovative products, which allows you to contribute to the welfare world in order to receive in return financial income that contributes significantly to your life.
This is Sanki, the Science of Well-Being. During these years, Sanki has been accompanied by its great family, with whom he shares a simple philosophy: Improve people's world to achieve a significant change on our planet. To be part of Sanki's history is to enjoy life in harmony and committed to the welfare of the world.

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